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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
Extrusion Products

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Our technical services cover virtually the entire range of equipment for extrusion, recycling and extrusion blow molding, from silo to throat and barrel to die.

The recovery of plastic waste for utilization back into the extrusion process is very exciting and challenging. Many technologies exist, but which ones are right for each processor's unique requirements?  Simple edge trim reclaim systems, to a complete post consumer recycling plant.

The ability to size reduce post industrial and post consumer plastic waste is the critical first step in re-processing.  Size reduction by shredding and grinding is a very important area within our core technical competence.  Further, fines separation systems are a big benefit in producing clean re-grind materials. 

Loaders, Blenders and Scrap Reclaim Systems
Rail car unloading systems to in-plant storage and central conveying systems.   Gravimetric and volumetric blenders and feeders.  Gravimetric extrusion control systems for control of average layer distribution and total weight per unit length.  Crammer feeders and automatic scrap reclaim systems.

Hot Air, Dehumidifying and Crystallizing Dryer Systems
Hot air drying for removal of surface moisture, desiccant drying system for hygroscopic materials and crystallizing units for amorphous PET. New - IR (infrared) drying systems.

Screen Changers and Large Area Filtration Systems
Dis-continuous manual and hydraulic screen changers. Single and dual piston, belt and rotary continuous and constant pressure systems.  Single and dual vessel large area systems, with candle elements down to 5 micron absolute filtration.

Gear Pump Assisted Extrusion
Gear pumps and systems for increased output and pressure stability.

Strand and Die Face Pelletizers
Water bath and automatic strand pelletizing systems. Hot face, under water and water ring pelletizers.

Previously Owned Equipment and Systems
Search for the best options in used auxiliary equipment, extruders or a complete line.


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General Extrusion
At EAS, we work with a variety of extrusion consultants, so if we can not assist with your specific project, then we know someone who can.

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