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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
Products - Loading & Conveying

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Batch Weight Blenders

Material handling systems are designed to get the right raw materials in the correct proportions from the railcar, silo, box or bag to the extruder throat.  Gravimetric blending and gravimetric extrusion yield control are the ultimate in assuring the correct materials and proportions make it into the final product, while providing complete documentation and inventory control.  For film lines, whose ground scrap is too light to be handle through conventional means, automatic scrap reclaim systems can close loop meter scrap back to the process at the highest levels possible without having to re-pelletize.


Key Benefits

  • Automated resin handling and bulk storage capabilities reduce resin and labor costs, and product waste.
  • Gravimetric blending and control conserve resin and expensive additives, while assuring quality.
  • Automatic, inline film scrap reclaim reduces labor and cost, while conserving product quality.

Equipment Suppliers

Conveying, Blending, Control, Scrap Reclaim
Atlanta, Georgia
Conveying, Blending, Additive Feeding
Woodbridge, VA
Conveying, Blending, Scrap Reclaim
Fairfield, New Jersey
Conveying and Blending
Baltimore, Maryland
Conveying and Blending
Plainwell, Michigan
Gravimetric Control, Additive Feeding and Blending
Flint, Michigan
Conveying, Blending and Control
Green Bay, WI
Turnkey Conveying, Blending and Control
Greenville, OH
Conveying, Blending and Control
Aston, PA
The Conair Group, Inc
Conveying, Blending, Scrap Reclaim
Pittsburgh, PA
Conveying, Blending, Control
Atlanta, Georgia
Osprey Corporation
Scrap reclaim/pelletizing
Atlanta, Georgia
ACS Group - AEC/Colortronic
Conveying, Blending and Control
Flint, MI

Note: Extrusion Auxiliary Services does not represent or have a formal association with any equipment suppliers.  Above list is for reference purposes only.


click here to download "Conveying Options" .pdf file

click here to download "Blending & Feeding Options" .pdf file

click here to download technical papers regarding "Gear Pumps and Gravimetric Control"


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