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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
Services - Maintenance

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Once the new equipment or system is up and running and the factory startup people have gone home, is production and maintenance prepared to keep the new machinery up and going?   Does maintenance have the right training, personnel and tools?  Are critical, long lead spare parts on the shelf?  Are there adequate written procedures and system documentation on the shelf and where the right people can get to it?  Do your people know who to contact, if there is a problem they can not handle?  If something is going to go wrong with a new system, it is usually within the first 30 days of operation, typically when the customer is least prepared to handle it themselves.


Key Benefits

  • Assured of a smooth transition from startup phase to full production.
  • Fully self sufficient, with the correct personnel, tools and spare parts to maintain the equipment.
  • Optimize profit and payback for the new system by getting up quick and running trouble free.



Capability 1
Provide a complete review of the new system and your existing maintenance capabilities and make recommendations for personnel, additional training, special tools or instrumentation requirements.    
Capability 2
Review spare part requirements and availability from the vendor and recommend what parts should be kept on your shelves.
Capability 3
Act as an additional resource for system trouble shooting and coordinate efforts/communications between the plant and equipment suppliers to assure that problems are solved quickly and at a minimal expense.


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