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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
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This service allows EAS the opportunity to take the SPECIFY/RECOMMEND phase one step further.  For a small system integration fee, to be added to the final negotiated price from each supplier, we will accept one purchase order for the entire system.  No additional fee may be required for purchase of a single piece of equipment or a system from a single supplier.  In addition, EAS will write the equipment/system specification, solicit quotes from the top equipment manufacturers, search the used equipment market (if required), compile all the proposals, make our recommendations and quote you a bottom line price.  We will even provide a copy of each individual proposal prior to purchase.  If you decide to purchase the piece of equipment or system through EAS, any hourly consulting charges accrued to this point will be waived.


Key Benefits

  • Our un-biased expertise insures the best possible equipment for your process, while giving you the final say as to what is supplied.
  • One stop shopping for complete systems from multiple suppliers, by issuing a single purchase order to EAS.
  • System integration means everything will fit together correctly and arrive on schedule.



Capability 1
Single source purchasing/billing for a multiple supplier purchase.
Capability 2
Expert assurance that the best equipment is provided at the best possible price.
Capability 3
Project coordination from order to delivery...we keep up with all the suppliers and provide one consolidated project update.


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