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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
Services - Specify/Recommend

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At EAS, we are here to sweat the details.  The better defined and thought through a project is, the better the chance that it will turn out a success, meaning on time and under budget, while providing the greatest benefits for the production line.  The best way to communicate with potential suppliers is through a complete, well though out specification and bid package.  It then takes experience with the equipment and processes to sort through each proposal and make the best possible selection.  We are even in a position to put budget numbers together for complete extrusion or extrusion blow molding plants, including equipment, facilities, utilities and personnel.


Key Benefits

  • Prompt, accurate proposals from the top potential suppliers.
  • Complete and "apples to apples" comparison of each bid.
  • Detailed purchase recommendations to assure the best value and technology.
  • Determine budget requirements for future expansions quickly and anonymously.



Capability 1
Initial vendor selection/qualification and bid package development.
Capability 2
Work directly with each potential vendor to assure that each bid is on time and fully meets the project requirements.
Capability 3
Prepare reports/spread sheets comparing each bid and make purchase recommendations, based on price, delivery, quality, service and reputation.


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