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Extrusion Auxiliary Services
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Personnel orientation and training are often the most neglected aspect of any project, especially before the equipment is installed, which is the best time to begin.  If you are upgrading a line to a new technology, such as gravimetric blending or control, continuous filtration or gear pump assisted extrusion, pre-installation orientation can be the most important aspect of gaining acceptance of the new technology.  Production needs to understand why and how things are going to change on the line, before they will buy in and work to make the new technology a success.  Many new systems are computer controlled and great care must be taken to train operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel on how to run and care for the new system.


Key Benefits

  • Have personnel understand and accept the new system even before installation.
  • Assure a smooth transition from startup phase to full production.
  • Minimize down time and complaints regarding the new system.



Capability 1
Plan, organize and conduct in-plant orientation and training sessions prior to installation.
Capability 2
Conduct and develop specific training programs from each department as needed.
Capability 3
Be present at startup and system de-bug, and coordination on-line training.


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